Elliot Millington has recently joined our lab as PhD candidate with a project Sensorily Stressed: Using Virtual Reality (VR) technology to examine the relationship between sensory sensitivities and anxiety.

Sarune Savickaite from the Simmons Lab together with IE Lab Glasgow has recently organised webinar series on Extended Reality + Psychology: Virtual Reality applications in research, healthcare and teaching. It was a series of webinars (4 sessions in total) with two speakers at each session. All the event details, speakers information and contact details, as well as all of the recordings of the presentations is available on the event website.

Hypnotic World of Virtual Reality: Sensory Perception of Autism explored in 3D is a blog post by Sarune Savickaite from the Simmons Lab. It briefly summarises the inspiration for her PhD project and the work undertaken so far. Full text can be found here. 

Sarune Savickaite from the Simmons Lab has recently been asked to take part at a webinar organised by AIXR (The Academy of International Extended Reality) titled Can XR Therapeutics Combat a Rising Mental Health Crisis?

INSAR (International Society for Autism Research) 2020 annual meeting in Seattle was cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic, however, Savickaite, McDonnell & Simmons (2020) abstract Using Virtual Reality to Explore Individual Differences in the Local and Global Processing of Visual Information and their Relationship with Autistic Traits has been published online.